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About Aletté

Aletté is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, songwriter, TV presenter, Internationally certified (by the AICI) image consultant, and the CEO of The South African Image Academy.

This multi-talented and much-loved local influencer uses her approachable and engaging personality, unique sense of style and signature wittiness to engage and delight people of all ages.

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Most Popular Topics

Aletté is passionate about the transformative power of fashion and beauty, but also takes an interest in a wide array of subjects, including:

• Pregnancy / Baby products or clothing
• Mom-related products
• Clothing / Fashion / Shoes
• Designer wear
• Accessories / Jewelry
• Hair & makeup products / equipment
• Health & Fitness
• Dietary products
• Décor (All things beautiful)
• Automobile
• Leather Products
• Perfumery

Why work with Aletté

A multi-skilled public figure, Aletté is a real champion for women and the various roles they play in society.

She believes in celebrating femininity and unleashing your best self, whether it’s through self-motivation or styling. She therefore has a wide appeal that reaches from moms and teenagers to fashionistas and entrepreneurs.

1. Significant social media reach
2. Daily personal interaction with followers
3. Active, responsive, engaged audience, which guarantees constant dialogue
4. Celebrity status as a: Best-selling author in SA and USA; Internationally certified Image Consultant; CEO of SA Image Academy; Singer and songwriter of Zzzz Lulla-Bye CDs, DVDs and books; Sought-after motivational speaker combining messages from books, image consulting and her passion to see women’s hearts healed; Married to SA celebrity artist Heinz Winckler
5. Contagious energy and drive
6. Keen eye for detail, she is renowned for taking and posting strikingly beautiful photos
7. Passionate brand ambassador: “If I believe in a product, my followers will too!”

Partnership Opportunities

Contests / Giveaways

A popular way to boost your social media following and increase sales, Aletté can host a competition or giveaway on her social media channels. Typically, these types of posts will encourage people to follow a brand (if they’re not already doing so), to tag their friends (thus expanding the reach) and to write a positive testimonial, portraying the brand in a great light.


Custom create a photo story featuring Aletté modelling or interacting with your product. This package includes professional photography, hair and makeup, and Aletté’s time for half a day. Venue costs are optional and extra. You will receive 30 retouched images to use on social media or other branding materials.

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