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Hello to all my lovely viewers.
I trust that you are all well. In my following article, I will be discussing the must-have key items for Summer 2020/2021 and also how I love to style these trends.

Putting together a trendy outfit can be intimidating for some, so this is where I come in, I will be giving you the latest must-have items that you can put together with ease so that you too can feel fabulous and fashionable.

A FEW SUMMER TRENDS THAT WILL BE HUGE THIS SUMMER! FLORAL PRINTS – Whether you want to wear a dress, jeans and a blouse or a kimono over your outfit, floral prints are the way to go. Ditsy florals are a key print for the season and it can be styled with sneakers or heels.
GINGHAM – This was trending last summer and seems to continue during summer 2020/2021.

LEOPARD PRINT – Add a touch of leopard print to your plain outfit or go bold and mix your prints. A great way to style a leopard print skirt, is to add a black or white tucked in t-shirt/bodysuit and add sneakers or block heels (which ever you prefer), makes for a chic outfit.

SNAKESKIN PRINT – Such an elegant print. What I love about this trend is how versatile it is. There are many different pieces with the snakeskin print from skirts, button down shirts, you name it. How I love to style this print, whether it is pants or a skirt, is with a white button down shirt and stilettos.

This give a classy finished look.
DENIM – The forever trend. From denim shorts to dresses, pants, and skirts, one can never go wrong. It looks good any body shape and is versatile. Denim can be style with many different colours, so make sure to purchase a comfortable and perfect fit for your body.

OFF THE SHOULDER – Whether it is a top or a dress, off the shoulder is going to be a fashion phenomenon this summer. It’s such a feminine look as it displays your shoulders, One can easily wear off the shoulder garments off both shoulders, or your can wear it off one shoulder to give it another look.

MATCHING SETS – Wear a matching top and skirt or top and pants together or pair them with other garments from your wardrobe to get the most out of your matching sets.

POLKA DOTS – I particularly love this trend, not only will it be the classic black and white, unexpected colour combinations will be a hit this summer.

PRINT CLASHES – Prints are never going to go out of style, and now the next big thing this summer is print clashes. Make a head-turning fashion statement by choosing two different prints but in the same hue.

ALL WHITE – This is the “it” colour for summer. An all white ensemble gives a clean and simple, yet chic look all season long.

STATEMENT SLEEVES – Bell shaped, balloon, ruffle or puff, you’ll definitely be on trend when wearing either of these chic, girly, sophisticated and elegant sleeves. Style it with your favourite pair of jeans and you’re ready to paint the town red.

BUTTONS – Say yes to the classic 50’s style buttons down the front of your dress or jumpsuit.

KIMONO DRESS – A kimono dress is a must have item this season and is the prettiest this to wear this summer. “The historic and traditional kimono comes from Japan and has a long list of different traditions and styles.” One must be careful with this trend as it can be mistaken for a loungewear robe. To steer clear of this, make sure you find the perfect kimono dress for you, one that you feel comfortable in and is a perfect fit. Style your dress with heels to give it a dress look and not a loungewear robe look.

HIGH-WAISTED PANTS, SHORTS OR SKIRTS – Any of these mentioned high-waisted garments can be paired with crop tops or bodysuits.

BRIGHT COLOURS – It’s time to show your true colours, and going colourful is a perfect way to express that. It can be tricky to style bright colours, but you can rock this trend if you stick to solids and make sure to colour BLOCK. “Colour blocking is a method of wearing multiple solid colours in an outfit. It is sometimes written as colour blocking, with two separate words. The outfit revolves around a palette of two or more colours, usually in bold and bright shades. The result is a simple yet very chic look. Prints and patterns are typically not used in colour blocking as such designs would take away from the “blocked” visual.”

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